21 May 2010

First Post~

Thanks for dropping by! I have been wanting to set up a blog for all my photographic stuff, but only managed to do this up after being busy for a long time now. Hope to use this blog to review some cameras I have, as well as record some fun and lovely things in life.

So who am I? kaxdd, my nickname. What is "kaxdd"? This is a little secret of mine, so I will let this remain a secret. "How do you pronounce 'kaxdd'?" Pronounce it as "kax". Silent double D's. How old am I? Hmmm... I once told someone I am in my mid-twenties, and he used an explicit word on me. "SHIT! YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE YOU'RE IN YOUR MID-TWENTIES! You look like you're 21!" I told me new friends in university I'm 23, and they believed it. So I'm really confused about my age. Perhaps I should just stick to being 23 all the time. Hahaha~ What is my job? Ermmm... Student cum public sector worker. What are my hobbies? Traveling, enjoying a quiet cup of coffee, playing video games, watching soccer (and hopefully still can play),  and of course, photography!

Basically, I am someone who loves lenses! Be it spectacle glasses or camera lenses, I'd love them! I've got 5 pairs of glasses and counting! I love cameras! Why do I love lenses and cameras? I have myopia, so I can't see clearly without my glasses. Therefore, lenses are the tools for me to this beautiful world. Time is one element you cannot control. Once it's passed, it's history. But cameras have this ability to capture a moment and freeze it in time and space. Perhaps I have had too many moments in the past which I long to preserve, but haven't had the chance to. So now, I am making up for lost memories. So I hope to use cameras as a tool to capture all the extraordinary moments in life in the future. Be it film or digital cameras, I'll gladly pick any one of them up and go clicking away!

So now you have a better understanding of me, so stay tuned for more posts by me in the future! Cheers!

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