21 September 2010


Fujifilm has just released a new camera known as the FinePix X100. It is a 12.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS camera with a 23mm fixed focal length with a FAST! prime F2 Fujinon aspherical lens! How cool is that?!!! But the coolest thing about this camera that got all the camera-loving people all excited is the high resolution optical viewfinder (OVF) that packs 1.4 megapixel into that small LCD window! Just imagine the 3" LCD screen on your digital camera averages only about 0.5 megapixel. How the hell did they do that?! Nonetheless, it is still one sexy camera in my own opinion.

Drool at these pictures, mr friends...

 Pictures taken from Dpreview

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