27 January 2012

I'm 30 !!!!

Ok, I know it's always been the same starting line how I have not been posting for some time. But today is a special day. Toda yis the day I turn 30 years old!!! A lot had happened during the last decade (damn, I sound super old to be using 'decade'!), some bad, some good. But I am glad I'm still here still being able to write a post and celebrating this special day of mine. The past decade has brought many changes to my life. Not only had it matured me, it had also created many doors of opportunities and surprises. I guess this is life. Like what my Melbourne friends would always ask me,"What's up with life?". So here, I will recap the many 'ups' of my life in the last decade. 1. Gaining back freedom Yes, 21 years of age, I gained back my freedom from National Service. Not only that, I also gained some freedom as a celebrated adult where my parents gave me the liberty to decide on my life. I guess that's a turning point in my life as well because after 2.5 years of pondering what I want for my future, I decided to go back to polytechnic to pursue a diploma in biotechnology, effectively pinning the science field on myself. 2. Start of the rat race At 24, I graduated with a diploma in biotechnology with flying colors. Not exactly the top 5%, but I reckon it could be the top 10% (I may be bragging but it could be true!). Went to a few nerve-wrecking interviews and fortunately, I got into DSO National Laboratories. It was the start of my rat race and a career and I never looked back since. My first salary, my first official job. It was satisfying! 3. Dream Trip I finally brought my mum to Hokkaido in 2009! It's been my dream to visit Hokkaido and the trip sure did not disappoint! I will be back for more!
4. The door of opportunity After 2 years in DSO, I finally got myself a undergraduate scholarship from the company to pursue my degree. I decided that a diploma is not going to last long in Singapore in the future, so I made the decision to further my studies in Melbourne. It was the start of a love-hate experience in Melbourne. I made some great friends in Melbourne whom I will always remember for the rest of my life. They are the people who keep me sane during those crazy exam periods (freezing fingers in the winter and searing heat in the summer at the Royal Exhibition Building) and insane during those parties and trips! ZQ (the alcoholic), Yiu Yiu (the sleepy one), Jing Kai (another alcoholic), Pream (the only Singapore Indian), Leonard (the buffalo), Wei Loon (the never-pick-up-the-phone guy), Nicholas (broken wrist), Amanda (SBGJ), Alexis (Miss Smoke and Drink), Percival (Mr Gig), Lisa (Snowy), Melissa (Porky), Dos (the racer), Arfann (the IKEA man), Alex (Mr Quiet Guy), Bowon (the North Korean spy), Ben (Mr Party), Mei Qi (the crazy scientist), Debra (Miss Blur). Have to thank them for the understanding and patience with me as I juggle between school and a long distance relation. More on this in the next point. Without these crazy people, I wouldn't have tide through my Honours year. Yes, I managed to secure a H1 (First Class Honours equivalent) for my Honours! Also got awarded the best poster presentation during the Melbourne Protein Group Symposium which made my supervisor, Dr Danny Hatters, proud!
5. The love that changed my life Thanks to Melissa, I got to know my then-girlfriend (now fiancée!) a few months before I went to Melbourne. I knew her back in 2004, but it wasn't until 2008 that I have a chance to know her better. So, we got together about 2 months before I left for Melbourne and we maintained a long distance relationship for 2 years. Thanks for her understanding and also that of my Melbourne and Singapore friends that we managed to make it through till now. I have to constantly miss gatherings and parties in Melbourne just to Skype with my darling, so I'm glad my friends can understand my situation. Not only that, I have to thank Melissa and Baoling for keeping my darling accompanied during the 2 lonely years. Thanks buddies!
6. A new chapter in life. On 1 Jan 2012, I decided to start a new chapter in our lives. I proposed on that day to mark a new beginning in our lives. No longer will I make her wait for me again. I have kept her waiting for a long time, so it is time I contribute back to her. Now is the daunting period to start hotel hunting for banquet, start looking for gown and photography studios, compile the guest line and many more! I hope everything can go well and avoid any unhappiness! I'm just praying hard!

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