10 June 2010

Revealing My New Toy~

Got a parcel from Tokyo and like a boy who's received his birthday present, I am very thrilled and delighted by the looks of it! I love unwrapping gifts! The anticipation and element of surprise never fail to get to me. Although I know what is in there, I still get all excited about it! Will post some pictures taken once I have a few rolls to send in for developing. Maybe I should start to learn developing my own films to cut costs? Hmmm...

Thanks mijonju for the help!

Vintage camera! Can't wait to see it!

 WHAT?!!! A LENS?!?!!

 Heart thumping real FAST!!!

 At last!

 Well-wrapped by mijonju! 

More unwrapping to do...

 The model of this camera... Bessa R4M

Love this picture!

Unfilled cards!

Instruction manuals for the body and lens.

First look! Love at first sight! Hahaha~ 

Voigtlander is the brand of this camera and lens.

 This camera can work with or without batteries. Without the batteries, you just have to estimate your own exposure.

Full view! Welcome to the family! 

R4M's the name... 

 Voigtlander's the last name?

 Top view.

 Maybe Bessa will be the middle name?

 Shutter and ISO dials. Oooo... So sexy~

 In excellent condition!

 I'll always be behind you...

Yes, I'm a metrosexual guy who uses hand moisturizer! 

Frameline selection dial. 

 Made in Japan!

 Our first greetings. HELLO~~~


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