17 June 2010

Spin! Spin! Spin!

Finally got my hands on the Spinner 360 after a mixed-up by DHL. I've indicated to DHL that I wanted a re-delivery after they came to deliver it on Tuesday. I've specially indicated that the re-delivery be made to Bio21 where I am doing my Honours year and give me a call when they reached the reception so that I can collect it personally. I waited until the end of Wednesday, but didn't receive a call from DHL. I went to the reception to ask if they had signed on my behalf. The reception said they don't receive any parcels or deliveries and asked that I checked the mail room and store office. Nothing in the mail room and I can't check with the store office as they have all knocked off. So I tracked my parcel online and found that someone by the name of Peter signed for my item! ROARS! 

So the next day, I went to check the store office and mail room again. No sign of my parcel. I am now panicking where my parcel went. In desperation, I went to the general store where all the chemicals and general items were. And there it was, my parcel with DHL's delivery note and my name! Alas! Finally found my item, but I am definitely not impressed by DHL service. Imagine anyone can sign on your behalf despite me indicating that I want to collect it personally and also to call me when the delivery is made. DHL is condemned! 

Ok, back to the item. Spinner 360 which can take a single picture 360 degrees. With a pull of the chord, the camera spins 360 degrees and takes a single picture. Such a fun toy! Spinner 360 uses 35mm films and can take up to 8 pictures per 36 exposure films. 

 Unboxing my toy, together with some lomography films.

Ten Golden Rules of Lomography 

Full view of the package 

 Example of a picture taken by Spinner 360

 Lomography films. Not sure what's the difference, but since it's not too expensive (compared to Melbourne), might as well give it a try.

 I know the top one is the extra rubber ring. But I have no idea what the lens cap is for as it doesn't fit the camera with the hood on. Not sure if I can remove the hood.

 Some sample pictures as well as various techniques of using Spinner 360. Comes with a poster as well.

Unveiling the camera. 

 The elusive lens.

 The handle feels good in your hand. Nicely designed and gives you really good grip.

The top view. The left dolphin is a bubble level and the right is the rewind crank. The hotshoe can be used to mount your bike flashlight as a flash because the hotshoe does not have any contact points. So normal flash will not work. Be creative! 

 Close up of the bubble level.

 Close up of the rewind crank to show you what it says.

 Opening up the back to load the film. Saw this little note telling you about the film and mode to shoot in.

 My number is 397468!

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