07 July 2010

The Impossible Camera

The folks from The Impossible Project is asking for ideas about making their new Impossible Camera. After working on an idea for a night, I found myself working on Illustrator to come up with this idea.

My concept is a camera that is able to do a tilt-shift mechanism to bring about the signature effect, such as this:

By pushing and pulling the 4 screws at each corner, you can achieve such an effect. The camera is to be compatible with The Impossible Project's PX100 instant film. Lens would be a 50mm F8 with variable shutter setting, including bulb mode for low light photography. 

Maybe I'm too stressed out by school work that I am taking the day off to slack and daydream. Been such a crazy and tedious time for me at the moment, juggling project, rushing report, preparing for symposiums and conferences and managing house chores... Not the easiest of life, but I do hope to get it over and done with soon so that I can head back home for good... 

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