21 July 2010

1st Batch of R4M shots

Finally sent my films from R4M and Spinner 360 to the photo lab. Vanbar Imaging at Carlton. Not too impressed with their service. Or rather, I was unhappy with their service. Sent in a roll of slide and a roll of negatives from R4M and 2 rolls from Spinner 360.

Was told that scanning of slide into digital format will cost about $50. So I just developed the slide. Told them about the films from Spinner 360 and asked if they could put it into digital format. Again, they can't do it. So I told them not to cut my films so that they do not end up cutting my films into random pieces. So again, told Vanbar to develop these 360 films. As for the negatives, I said I wanted a medium resolution pictures which is about 1-2 MB. The guy told me high resolution will be about 6 MB per picture. I told him that a medium resolution will do. Summary, I can only get a digital format of only one negative while the rest were only developed.

Development went OK, but the digital format pictures came out only 600 kB each! To me, this is a low resolution picture! ROARS! Fed up with Vanbar! Not going to go back there anymore! Guess I will bring all my films back to TripleD for development and digitalization.

Here are some of the low resolution pictures from R4M:

Royal Melbourne Hospital Emergency & Trauma Service 

Garage area of Mary Street

Mary Street

Hi! My beloved girlfriend!

Melbourne gang playing basketball on a wet Saturday at RMIT

Bedside treasures

Study board

Don't know why this shot ended up like this, but it is sort of cooL~~

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