19 August 2010


WOOHOO~~~ Received a missed mail note in my mailbox few days ago. Finally got time to go to the post office to pick the item up. When I saw the size of the parcel, I knew what I was expecting... Seeing the attached mailing receipt on the parcel further confirms what is inside. From mijonju, Tokyo.

Eager to unwrap this parcel. It is always an exciting affair to unwrap a gift/parcel, even though you already knew what the content is. The excitement never fails to get to me! 

Can't seem to get the Fujifilm Natura ISO 1600 films here in Melbourne. Had to make do with a ISO 800. Will bring this little pet to the Manifest this weekend to test it out! Keep watching this space for more pictures to come! I apologize for the delay in uploading pictures. I tend to collect a few rolls of films before I send them for developing. So bear with me until I get back to Singapore!

Very obvious what the parcel contains... 

Love the wrapping paper! So many brands! 

An eye is peeping at me! 

Sample pictures from this awesome camera~ 

Revealing~~~ The Fujifilm Natura Classica White (Limited edition!) 3000 units produced only! 

Love the booklet that comes with it! Have lots of cool and nice sample pictures in there! 

Why is the instruction booklet still featuring the black one?! 

Here comes the exciting part~~~ 

??? What is this? An eraser?

It's a wireless remote shutter release! How cool is that!?!! 

Not forgetting the white strap... 

Here it comes... 


The body is spray paint white. Can feel the powdery textile... 

 Top view.

Hello Flash~~ 

The flash automatically closes when you power off the camera. Cool stuff~~ 

 Inner view...

Welcome to the family~~~

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