29 December 2010

I'm HOME~~~

YES! Finally I'm home! Back in Singapore for good! Hopefully I can have more time for photography, not forgetting girlfriend and family.

Unfortunately, I did not win the photography contest. The winner was the HDR picture of the bicycle. Congrats to Isurusen for his win of the Canon SD4500. Hopefully I can have some decent results for the next contest I enter.

Here are some overdue shots from my Ricoh Autohalf. I suspect that my Ricoh Autohalf might have some problems with the winding. I can't seem to finish more than 30 exposures. This is supposed to take 72 shots with a 36-exposure film. Mine takes only about 30 shots... Will find time to ask Mijonju about it. Hopefully I don't have to send it back to Japan to Ryu-san for repair.

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