08 January 2011

New Resolution

Gone is 2010! One of my most miserable years of my life! Am I glad it is finally over! Welcome 2011~ Hope this year will be a good year for me.

New resolutions for the year:

1. Canon 550D (better "resolution" than my current 400D, hence the cheesy title!)
*Initially, I sort of already put aside the idea to upgrade. However, my niece is now interested in my 400D since she's just an amateur, I am considering selling her my 400D setup with battery grip and 17-85mm F4.0 USM IS to her. This way, I just need a little cash on my side to top up for a 550D! How cool is that!

2. More time to play with my other cameras. Since my workplace bans any photographic devices, including camera handphones (yes, you should be able to guess my line of work), so it is a little restrictive on trying to fulfill this one. But, I'll try my best!

3. Get FIT! My weight has gone up by a few kilos and I need to desperately shed those love handles so that I can fit back into my old jeans and trousers! And also to TRY to aim for Silver award in my IPPT!

4. SAVE UP! Not so much for cameras (although I do hope I can acquire a few more cameras I'm eyeing), but more so for my 老婆本。 People have been hurrying me to get married. I mean, I want to get married not because they're pressuring me. I seriously want to start a family and I've found the right girl. So the time has come. When? TOP SECRET... Shhhhhh.......

Just some pictures from my Fuji Natura Classica White and Natura 1600 films...

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