10 February 2012

Street Photography

Seems like street photography is gaining popularity here in Singapore. I see many people hanging their DSLRs and Micro 4/3 cameras on their necks out in the streets and just bursting away. I've long grown out from the bursting mode and
brought myself back a step to enjoy photography. I may not be shooting and posting more often, but I am generally more satisfied with the process of bringing up the viewfinder to my eye, tuning the shutter speed and adjusting the aperture. This process makes me complete. It's like enjoying the journey rather than telling people you've been to this and that country. Who cares if you've been to Paris but didn't enjoy the trip? Who cares if you're here in Singapore but went to the flyer, infinity pool at MBS and had a good time? The process of enjoying taking photos has taught me to be patient with my photography skills and take, not for the sake of taking, but for the sake of enjoying photography, be it analogue or digital.

Here's a compilation of my favorite street photos that I took. This is from my iPhone, but I'll put in more from my film series.

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