24 February 2012

Street Photography

Downloaded 3 free ebooks from Nikon Passion (I'm a Canon fan by the way!). I've always admired the courage of street photographers for their relentless effort to go up close to strangers and snap their pictures. I'm still in the learning phase, so I do hope I get better by shooting more.
Multi-talented person always attracts attention... 

What really inspires me to go street photography after reading these ebooks is that
I love to people-watch. I love sitting down doing nothing and watch people go by. Sometimes, I do get to see people's emotions through their gestures and body language. This sets me thinking about what they're thinking. As mentioned in my many-previous post, I'm someone who thinks a lot. I may not look like I'm thinking. But my mind is always in a constant whirlpool or thoughts.
Left or right?

So here, I have compiled some street photos taken by me. Do hope to learn more, shoot more and post more.
Watching the little fella'

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