13 March 2012

Street Photography

Watched Eric Kim and Kai on Youtube talking about street photography and how Eric went on the streets of Hong Kong doing his style of street photography.

 I used to fear being scorned at if people found that I am taking their photos.
Especially so in hostile Singapore where people are generally more self-defensive (note that I used 'generally', not 'all'!). You do get some piercing stares from these people. However, after watching Eric go about shooting people right in the face, I got more inspired and encouraged. Maybe street photography is not that scary after all. All you probably need is a smile and a 'thank you'. I've been to Hong Kong and I have to say Hong Kong is also a pretty scary place to do some street photography because of the hostility of their people. I remembered I gave up my seat to an old lady and all I got back from her were scoldings which I can't comprehend because my Cantonese is not good. But her body language says it all. To me, street photography is something I wanted to do for a very long time. I've always enjoyed watching people go by in their lives. To me, it is therapeutic at times when I just want to clear my mind and indulge in some free thinking about people's body language. But I haven't got the guts (yes, you can say I've got no balls in this!) to do it. You can laugh at me, but ask yourself this question: Are you daring enough to do it?

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