21 March 2012

All the cameras! Fall in!

Ok, I've always wanted to do a shot of all my cameras. Should have done so before selling my 60D. After a year, my 60D has to go because it was seriously under-utilized. Since there's still value for it, I might as well sell it off to fund the next camera.

Still in a dilemma which to get. Olympus OM-D with 2x crop factor or Sony Nex-7. Both cameras are very impressive in their forms, OLED EVF, ability to mount other mount lenses via adapters. Short of buying a Epson Rd1, I'm considering the micro 4/3 of the Olympus or the Sony Nex system to mount my M-mount lenses. Will read more reviews and compare again.

Managed to rescued an original Russian LC-A thanks to Steven from Camera Hospital! Loaded a 24-exposure film to test, so hopefully can send for developing tonight. Will post the pictures when they're done. Here's some pictures of this little full frame camera!

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