02 May 2012

Digital Street Photography

I've gone around to shoot using the Sony Nex-5N and the Leica Summitar which I have shown some test shots in my previous post. Here are some street shots from me using this combo!

The Stare. This is my favourite from the series! The intensity of the stare was captured at the decisive moment! 

Why so bitter about life? 

 Puffing tummy


Auntie, time to move. Don't be on the phone and be oblivious about your surrounding 

 Running along


All the shots (except The Stare) were shot with the Nex-5N and Summitar from the hip with zone focusing (with the assistance of peak focusing). I think I'm actually becoming better at this! (Yes, you can start throwing your rotten tomatoes and eggs and what-not) Hahaha~

Street photography is all about practising and practising and practising! The more you shoot, the better you get. No? As the saying goes, Practise Makes Perfect. I agree with that. I still don't have the guts and balls to shoot people right in their face. I guess it does take something special to do so. Nonetheless, I will keep trying and who knows, I may just be like Markus Hartel, who shoots brilliantly shooting from the hip. Hahaha! OK, I'm expecting more rotten stuff coming my way... Time to run! Keep shooting people!

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