01 May 2012

NEX5N and Leica Summitar

Recently acquired a second hand Sony Nex-5N, so decided to do some test shots using a Leica Summitar 50mm F2 Collapsible. Heard that this lens is very sharp even wide open at F2, so decided to test it out. Also not forgetting that this lens give a wild swirly bokeh, so makes me drool even more!

Alright, I'll save the words and lead you through to the pictures themselves.

Sharp even at F2! 

My silly girlfriend... Note the swirly bokeh! Maybe she was emulating Edward Munch's The Scream! 

Got to love the bokeh! 

More bokeh!

This is a great combination! And I love the colors and sharpness coming from the lens. The bokeh can be wild sometimes but also very pleasing (at least, to my old eyes). You can Google more about the Summitar and know of its amazing sharpness and bokeh. I am pleased to have a mint copy of this lens and it will definitely be a keeper in my collection!

Although I have no problem with 50mm on a rangefinder (Bessa R4M), the lens become a 75mm on the 1.5X crop factor Nex-5N. I have a Voigtlander 21mm F4 Color Skopar, so having a 35mm view with it on the Nex-5N is more comfortable for me since I'm more of a wide angle person.

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