23 October 2012

A 3,200km Journey! - Part IV

Next morning after our Ayers Rock climb, we went for the 9.6km base rim walk around Ayers Rock. The walk will display different sites for gathering and hunting of the old Aborigines. The walk was pretty easy, except for the fact that there are no toilets around and the site is sacred! So we cannot pee as we like!
The morning sun rise was spectacular! It was like the clouds were being toasted golden brown and crispy on the underside. In Singapore, you seldom get very distinct clouds. Mainly all clustered together into fluffy lump of cloud. So I was really absorbed in by this awesome sight. Along Ayers Rock, we got to see original paintings done by the Aborigines that were preserved on the rock surface.

Very huge cave-in for the Aborigines to hide from the elements

Need some snacks to get us going

The erosion on the left looks like a skull viewed from the side

Looks like an alien with opened mouth and eyes

Alien's mouth

After the Ayers Rock base rim walk, we returned to the campervan for our lunch. Chef Arfann has agreed to cook lunch for us, so we can only eagerly await lunch to fill our empty stomachs.

After lunch, we head over to Kata Tjuta (aka Mount Olga). Mount Olga is a group of domed-shaped rock formations.
Looks like an alien submarine 

My black Toms has turned brown!

Mickey ears! Imagine the heat...

Valley of the wind

The dome-shaped rocks

Look at the vegetation on the top of the rock. Reminds me of scenes from Dragon Ball Z where people stay on top of mini mountains and they commute by hovercrafts...

See the color difference?

Boomerang time!

Sunset at Kata Tjuta

A stream of clouds passing by as the day wears down

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