25 October 2012

Follow me on Instagram!

I have been a follower of Instagram since early last year when I got my iPhone 4. Since then, I have amassed about 800 photos, mainly shot using my iPhone 4 and edited with Snapseed and Squaready. Every since Instagram removed the black and white filter, I have been using Snapseed to create my black and white images. Below are some of my images and if my images are of interest to you, do follow me @kaxdd on Instagram!


Cross legs
I do not have a particular genre of photography, although I do tend to try to be a street photography snapping people in their most natural form. I also shoot people and things around me, so you do get to see a wide spectrum of photography from me. 

When I'm on my desktop, I use Webstagram to view my feed. There could be other desktop viewers, but Webstagram does the job for me. So I'm sticking to it. Below are some of my shots, so feel free to comment. And if my photos appeal to you, do follow me at Instagram @kaxdd. 

Technology on the go


Moon, North Star and Kings Canyon

Shooting star I am not

Silly four on top of Ayers Rock


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