16 November 2012

Japan Camera Hunter Film Case!

Recently, I saw on Japan Camera Hunter (JCH) website that he has collaborated with a manufacturer to re-make the film cases that Fujifilm has discontinued. I created a mass order on Clubsnap and received pretty good responses. So I went on to make the order and await the arrival of these new cases.

 They arrived safely!

I have 2 of the Fujifilm cases and will be making a comparison against the new JCH. This is in no way to say that either one is bad. Just a comparison which we all humans like to make. But I do applaud Bellamy (JCH) for making the effort to ensure that film history do not go down without a fight. Really appreciate it!

Pardon the low quality picture as I took them with my iPhone 4. They were taken in a bid to quickly send the pictures to the CSers who joined the mass order. They have been eagerly waiting for it, so I thought I should quench some of their "eagerness" with these photos.

First, I will talk about the dimension. The dimensions for both Fuji and JCH cases are very very very similar. One case can hold 10 35mm films. The Fuji case is more rounded at the corner for a smoother ergonomics while the JCH case is slightly more angular but nonetheless still rounded.

Top profile. Please pardon my little camera stickers on the Fuji case. ^__^

Side profile

Bottom profile

Second, the color. The Fuji case is dark grey with marbling effect while the JCH case is a plain light grey. I personally prefer the marbling effect of the Fuji case, but I have seen on JCH website that the next batch of cases he is coming up with might have different colors. I am looking forward to that! I would love to have a transparent one!

Finally, I will be touching a little on the quality of the case. I am no expert on material, so the comparison is based on my "feel" and "comfort". The JCH case feels sturdier and slightly hardier than the Fuji case. Tapping on the JCH case gives a more solid sound than the Fuji one, which sounds a little "plasticky". I tried to look for a weighing scale at home to try to weigh the difference between the two, but it seems that I do not know where the ladies at home place the scale. Nonetheless, the JCH won in this category of quality.  

 Inside profile

Underside of the lid

Now that I have completed a mini review, it's time to vote! Hmmm... It's a tough choice. I love the color, marbling effects and the roundness of the corners of the Fuji case. On the other hand, the JCH case seems like a more "quality" case due to its harider material (I could be wrong on this, so please don't quote me!).

*drums roll* I'll gladly take both! Hahaha! Both cases have their pros and it's really hard for me to decide a winner. There is no clear cut distinction in which is more superior, so it is up to individual preference to decide. Since I have both, I'll just keep them for my own use! Lastly, I would like to thank Bellamy from JCH who made time in the midst of his busy schedule to do the packing and shipping and also conceptualizing the revival of the film case. Thanks a million! ^__^

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  1. Great! I love the 2 you helped me order. Now ... I need to fill it with rolls to fire!